I was not a huge believer of palm reading and believed everything depends of our hard work and brain work. But there were circumstances or situation in life beyond control due to which I was so stressed and wanted to talk to someone about my past and future. I meet Radhika and when she started reading my palms I was amazed to hear from her about my past. She was so accurate in telling me thing of my past by reading my palm as if someone had told her my life story. There was something even I had not shared with anyone which she was able to tell me. She also told me about me sustaining an accident in June 2014 which happened. I was shocked and surprised how someone just by reading the palm can tell so many accurate things about a person. (On the lighter note I was thinking good my wife was not besides me or she could have insisted to read more and more about me.) On the serious note I was thinking wish I had meet her mother or grandfathers years ago they could have guided me in my career.Radhika guided and suggested about my career path and predicated about my future and health which I certainly believe would be true. She also suggested some gems. Radhika was absolutely amazing and very professional. I thank you million times Radhika…. I felt so relaxed and stress-free after meeting you.Radhika gifted me the autographed book authored by her mother “The Reflection of Destiny”. I could not wait and completed reading the book in 5 days. The book has wonderful facts that may bring tears in eyes….

~ Sanjog Adke - Investigation Head for Asia Pacific Region
   Mar 2015


Radhika's support and direction helped in making the right decision when two good opportunity in my career showed up. Her guidance installed confidence and courage to know that I am on the right path. Her confidentiality and knowledge has helped our family and she in process became part of the family.

Good wishes and success follows with her support.
~ Srinivas Ramachandran - Executive Chef  
   Jan 2015

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