When I was introduced to palmistry many years ago, it was as a parlor game of sorts - someone's birthday party here in the U.S. It was entertaining. The science of Palmistry as it is studied by Radhika's family and in the Eastern Tradition is different. Not only does it give you insight into yourself and how you have been shaped by your life events, but it is also a road map of sorts to help you make better choices in FUTURE life events.  In 2004 I was very gently told that in 2007 my life would be turned upside down - beyond anything I had experienced to date. She explained that I would be fine; everything would be as it should be and to just follow my heart in making decisions. I had forgotten about the reading until the end of 2007 happened and in the last few months of that year, I lost family, my mother and my marriage ended.   Remembering this reading gave me the strength to pull my self up and keep going; that this was just one event in my life that would shape whatever destiny had in store for me and I knew I was going to be just fine. Everything I was told came about in time and gave me strength to adapt and grow into my current happiness and blessings. I am fortunate to have consulted with Radhika, her esteemed Grandfather and her Mother.
~ Carol Freeland - Entrepreneur of Global Clothing By Carol     
   December 2012


Amazingly Accurate! I have been having Radhika read my palm and look at my numbers for close to a year now and I still cannot get over how accurate and on point everything is. The first time I went I was excited yet somewhat skeptical until she started seeing things in my palm that she wouldn’t have known. I was amazed. She looked at my numbers and was able to tell me much about when I would have luck in money and love. Since then I won a large payout in the lottery and found a wonderful man that I’m very happy with. She has also helped me with my sense of peace and calm by using gems. I was able to purchase some beautiful stones sent over from India that she blessed and I do believe they help in many ways. The pearl almost never leaves my neck and I find that I’m a much calmer more peaceful person since I’ve been wearing it. I also find that in times of stress I reach for it and catch myself touching it. I will continue to visit Radhika for many years!!
~ Kim Wolford - Gas Scheduler/Forecast Analyst     
   October 2012


"Radhika, I want to thank you for your time and Vastu guidance which proved very valuable to us. The changes that you recommended when done have actually brought about a much needed positive energy in the house. I want to also let you know that things have been moving up and up on the financial front as well." 
~ MJ - IT Professional     
   April 2012


I first met with Radhika to help find direction with my career. She was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses during our initial session. Her guidance was extremely valuable in assisting me with this important decision. I have continued to meet with Radhika to discuss decisions that I am struggling to make and find her insights to be very accurate and encouraging. She starts the session with a palm reading and compares her current findings with my history. I would encourage anyone to meet with Radhika. Her science does not conflict with my religious beliefs as she uses real science to provide guidance and insight. I have learned a lot about myself through our sessions and have found her guidance to be very accurate and encouraging.
 ~ Emily Preble - Dept. of Public Accounting  
    October 2011 

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