We used Radhika beta's advice for our Vastu consultation.  And we have found extreme peace after our consultation.  We used her guidance and advise and has brought us much peace after we took her advice into consideration.  She has been a positive impact in our lives.
~ Ranjan Patel - Business Owner  
   November 2013


I have known Radhika for a long time. I have been consulting with Radhika's mother on Numerology for quite some time now and I had implicit trust her mothers' prediction. When Radhika decided to start her own consulting practice, I was not very sure if she can match her mother's accuracy. Last couple of years
I have been consulting with Radhika and my doubts have disappeared. Radhika is a chip off the old block! She has a God-given talent and a very insightful mind to make accurate predictions using a wide variety of data inputs about an individual. I have used her advice when my husband needed some guidance in his career; I have used her advice to make better decision about my own job situation; I have asked her about my high-school going son'scollege admissions; I have also asked her about major decisions like re-locations, buying/selling a new home etc. She has been consistently spot-on in every case. She has helped me take charge of my life and face the adversity of life more confidently! I would
recommend her to my family and friends anytime.
~ Aparna Kalyani - Ultrasound Technologist  
   August 2013


This is to let you know that as per your predictions in November 2012, that my husband would take up a new job around the end of February/early March, he accepted a new offer in the end of Feb and will be joining the new firm in early March. We are amazed at your accurate predictions & are grateful for all  your Vaastu/ FengShui recommendations.
~ J Pillai - Housewife   
   May 2013


Radhika has immense knowledge on Vastu Shastra. Her dedicated and continuous guidance helped us build a wonderful custom home. She was always readily available when I needed her advice. Thank you Radhika for your valuable services.Wishing you all success and best wishes!
~ S Gandhi  - Rph     
   February 2013

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