To be honest, when I first contacted Radhika I was just doing it because I was curious (along with skeptical) about palmistry. But after meeting her the first time, I knew there was some science to it because she hit the nail on the head when she told me about my personality and my past. Since then I have met her a couple of time to discuss my career prospects and so far they have been true. I am still in the waiting stages to see how things exactly work out for me. But I do have faith in her capabilities and her readings. She is professional, friendly and listens patiently to her clients concerns(sometimes I joke about her being a therapist as well!). She has become a friend!!
~ Nidhi Punja - IT Professional  
   Nov 2014


I know Radhika Jani (now Mehta :-)  as my classmate and the daughter of a world renowned palmist whom I used to consult long time back. In these last few years Radhika has grown into a well renowned palmist just like her mother. I say this due to my personal experience of  getting my palm read by her. Her reading was right on the bulls eye. Whatever she has told me about my past is absolutely true and the insights she gave me about my future are accurate to the core. I wish her the best in future. People going through a rough phase in life can definitely seek her advise for clarity.

~ Ravi Mewani - Businessman   
   Sept 2014


“I think like many, I was a little skeptical prior to my first visit with Radhika.  I didn’t know what to honestly expect, but within the first 5 minutes I knew I had nothing to worry about at all.  Within 5 minutes of meeting me, it was clear that she had a very good understanding of the type of person I am and the way I see the world in general.  I think the real value of this is that most of the time people are only able to give you advice based on their perspective.  It’s very rare to get honest advice from someone who can see the world the way you do.  She was very professional and I have since referred my brother and a few friends of mine to see her.”
~Neeral Patel - Physician  
   May 2014

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